Rare Movie posters for TV series MY FRIEND FLICKA episodes

11 Jan 2013 | Added by John Reid
Occasionally TV shows from the 50s would be shown in cinemas in Australia as compilations or second feature films prior to the main feature. Movie posters for these series are consequently rare but I recently discovered a number of posters that were printed exclusively in Australia for episodes from various Television series including the very popular 1950s series My Friend Flicka. 

My Friend Flicka 
TV Series (1955–1960) Compilations shown as second feature movies in Australia
39 episodes
Stars: Gene Evans, Anita Louise, Johnny Washbrook

Set in Montana about 1900, this was a story about young Ken McLaughlin and his horse Flicka. Ken lived on a ranch with his parents Rob and Nell and the ranch-hand Gus and had many an adventure.


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