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Use Magnets for Linen Backed posters

If you ever go to the Galleries in London or some of the Travel Poster galleries you will see mostly linen backed posters on display. And surely that is the very reason for collecting posters – to actually display them. Many collectors, myself included, end up with most of their collection in boxes or drawers.
I decided some time ago to experiment with displaying linen backed posters in my home without framing them. The idea was to be able to change them around fairly easily. I found that the best way for me to do this was to use magnets. There is a supplier in Australia who sells extremely powerful magnets that are very small and unobtrusive. They can easily hold a three sheet and, I think, make a very impressive display. Another bonus is that I have a curved wall in my entrance and I can display my large French poster of Palace de Luxe on that wall using magnets. I couldnt use a frame on that wall.
Basically they are very small but very powerful. I have fixed four small metal discs onto the wall that I use. The poster is then placed between the magnets and the discs with the magnets in the corners. The magnets only come into contact with the linen but they dont leave any marks. They look very impressive and can be changed regularly. At the moment I use the same size posters so that I can leave the discs in the same place but this could be easily adapted to different sized posters.


It is true that the poster is not protected by glass but I also have a number of framed original oil paintings and they are also not protected by glass. This is quite common for displaying fine artwork so why not movie posters? Of course, one very important thing is to keep them away from direct sunlight.


I change the posters fairly regularly and I have not noticed any problems with them. There are other creative ways of displaying linen backed posters without framing them but I like the magnets. The supplier I used was in Australia

Australian Magnet Technology
PO Box 159
Raymond Terrace
NSW 2324
Ph: +61-2-49873988