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When a successful bestseller like Girl on the Train inspires a movie, there will always the question of whether the script should accurately follow the novel or whether subtle or even major plot changes can be made. Read more

SULLY - Clint Eastwood's movie unwittingly highlights major flaws in crew Emergency Procedures

If Clint Eastwood's portrayal of the events surrounding the landing on the Hudson is accurate, then he may be unwittingly casting a huge amount of blame on the crew of the flight almost to the point of highlighting negligence. Read more

Long Daybill Movie Poster Collection

I will be listing a collection of vintage Australian long daybill movie posters that will be one of the largest and most comprehensive presentations that has been seen in one place. Read more

BARBARA EDEN Autographed Movie Posters

Barbara Eden was in Australia recently and she signed a small selection of daybills for me including Five Weeks in a Balloon, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm and Harper Valley PTA Read more

Is this the RAREST of all James Bond movie posters?

This Live and Let Die Australian one sheet could be the rarest of all James Bond posters. Read more

AUB MOSELEY one of our great Australian Movie Poster Artists

AUB MOSELEY is one of our great Australian Movie Poster Artists but because his work was unsigned he has never received the recognition that he deserves. Australian Movie Posters have always had a charm and naïve quality that is unique to our country but it is unfortunate that information about the Australian movie poster artists has always been scarce. Read more

High Society Daybill - Original or Reissue?

A full colour High Society Daybill movie poster, printed by Advertising and Commercial, has turned up occasionally on various auction sites. Up until very recently, that poster was always been considered as the first release. Read more

Rare Movie posters found in Country Victoria

I am in the process of securing a collection of Vintage movie posters that was found in an old shed on a farm in country Victoria. The collection dates from the early 30s to mid 50s and includes some vintage posters that have not been seen before. Amongst the posters are some long daybills. Read more

The Wayward Bus Australian Daybill Original or Reissue

There are two versions of The Wayward Bus Australian Daybill. One full colour and one with just two colours. Collectors and dealers have generally assumed that the full colour daybill is the original release but that may not be the case. Read more

John Richardson Movie Poster Artist

The renowned Movie Poster Artist John Richardson was a printer and illustrator who founded The Richardson Studio in the early 1920s. The Richardson studio produced the artwork for Paramount Pictures daybill movie posters from the early 1920s to the late 50s with a very distinctive and striking style that was quite unique. Read more

Hell Drivers Movie Poster Just in!

Just in, a wonderful Italian Locandina Movie Poster for the cult British film Hell Drivers, a dark and sometimes disturbing insight into the life of truck drivers in the north of England. Cy Endfield directs a fine cast with Stanley Baker as the ex con who picks up a job driving for an unscrupulous trucking company. Read more

The Phantom Movie Poster

Many male Baby Boomers have fond childhood memories of eagerly awaiting the latest issue of the iconic comic "The Phantom" to appear at their local news agency. There were no ipads, iphones, computer games in those days. Even television programmes were limited with many households not having TVs. Comics were a great source of entertainment in the late 50s and early 60s and Lee Falk's The Phantom seemed to resonate with Australians in particular. Read more

Hammer Horror Australian Movie Posters

I have updated the Exhibition of Hammer Horror Australian Movie Posters with some new additions from BHP films which was has been referred to as a pseudonym of Hammer Films. Although Hammer is best known for producing Horror films in the 60s and 70s, they produced many other genres of film were released under the Hammer banner dating from the 1930s on. Read more

Welcome to our New Website!

Our Website has had a makeover! was established over 10 years ago and although the old site still functioned very effectively, there have been many improvements and changes in technology since the site was first launched. Read more