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RETURN OF THE JEDI Star Wars Style A Linen Backed One sheet poster

Brand: Store 36
Original Style "A" Australian one sheet movie poster approx 27" x 40" linen backed, very fine condition. Prior to backing the poster had only minor edge wear and required no restoration. The poster looks magnificent on linen.
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Return of the Jedi (1983)

Directed by Richard Marquand.

With Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, David Prowse, Kenny Baker, James Earl Jones, Harrison Ford, Frank Oz, Sebastian Shaw, Kenneth Colley, Ian McDiarmid, Jeremy Bulloch, Anthony Daniels, Warwick Davis, Alec Guinness, Michael Pennington, Mike Quinn, Peter Mayhew, Larry Ward, Denis Lawson

Return of the Jedi is a 1983 American epic space opera film directed by Richard Marquand. The screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas was from a story by Lucas, who was also the executive producer. It is the third film released in the Star Wars franchise and the first film to use THX technology. The film is set one year after The Empire Strikes Back and was produced by Howard Kazanjian and Lucasfilm Ltd. The film stars Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, David Prowse, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew and Frank Oz.
The evil Galactic Empire, under the direction of the ruthless Emperor Palpatine, is constructing a second Death Star in order to crush the Rebel Alliance. Since Palpatine plans to personally oversee the final stages of its construction, the Rebel Fleet launches a full-scale attack on the Death Star in order to prevent its completion and kill Palpatine, effectively bringing an end to the Empire once and for all. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker, the Rebel leader and Jedi Apprentice, struggles to bring Darth Vader, who is his father Anakin and himself a fallen Jedi, back from the Dark Side of the Force.
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