MARILYN MONROE Original Australian Daybill Movie Posters

Original Australian Daybills for Marilyn Monroe’s films are generally very rare. So rare, in fact, that some daybills have never been seen despite the fact that they must have been printed. We have had many of the daybills for films that Marilyn Monroe appeared in, including some of the more obscure movies where she just had a walk on part – sometimes uncredited.


All of the images come from our archives of posters that we have sold over the years. Daybills for five Marilyn Monroe films have proved to be elusive. These films include The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, Ladies of the Chorus, Love Nest and Monkey Business. In some cases, Australian one sheets have been found but the daybills remain scarce. We have produced a video showing the images of all of the Marilyn Monroe films that we have in our archives.


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