Welcome to our New Website!

20 Nov 2014 | Added by John Reid
Our Website has had a makeover!
www.moviemem.com was established over 10 years ago and although the old site still functioned very effectively, there have been many improvements and changes in technology since the site was first launched. Many people now use mobile phones or ipads to view websites and a site that was designed 10 years ago will not operate as efficiently on a phone as it will on a PC.
It was time to bring www.moviemem.com up to date.
The Transfer and integration of data from the old site to the new site was a big job but I think the programmers have done a great job in bringing www.moviemem.com into the era of mobile responsive websites that can operate on all devices. We have a huge inventory of original movie posters for sale but one of the aims of this site is to also provide information and historical data about the origins of movie posters, particularly from an Australian perspective.
We will also be adding Exhibitions of Australian Movie Posters to the site. These display images of movie posters for various genres like the Richardson Studio, Alfred Hitchcock Movie Posters, Carry On Movie Posters and more.
I hope you enjoy browsing through www.moviemem.com and always appreciate your feedback.


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