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EXECUTIONERS Lobby Card 2 Nuremburg Trials Nazi Criminals documentary

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RARE original US lobby card 11" x 14" very good used condition, pinholes (See enlarged photo).
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Wieder Aufgerollt: Der Nurnberger Prozess (released in the U.S. in 1959 and elsewhere as "Nazi Executioners", "The Nuremberg Trials", and "The Executioners") 1958
Directed by Felix Podmaniczky
German Nazi genocide trial exploitation documentary

("The giants of terror"; "Diabolical Madness"; "These Monsters were from our planet!"; "The push-button murderers!"; "Their women cavorted in private pools!"; "I call the dead to testify!"; "Payday for killers!"; presented by Joseph Harris and Sig Shore; about the Nuremberg Trials in World War II [WWII]) narrated by Joe J. Heydecker, Johannes Leeb, and Jochen Wilke. Note that the movie was presented as a pseudo-sci-fi thriller with the tagline, "These Monsters were from our planet!", and they also showed half-naked people, and this surely is one of the best cases of deceptive movie advertising we have ever seen! In actuality, this film is a 1958 German documentary about the Nuremberg trials. Although the U.S. posters and lobby cards bear a 1959 or 1960 printing date, the pressbook has a 1960 stamp on it, and the film does not appear to have received theatrical exhibition in the states until 1961, helped by the release of Judgment at Nuremberg. Finally, note that we have seen posters that had "Nazi Executioners" printed on them that had a snipe over the word "Nazi" that changed it to "Hitler's", so it also was released as "Hitler's Executioners".

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