SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH Original Theatre Poster HER MAJESTY’S THEATRE Lauren Bacall 1986

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Original Australian Theatre poster for the 1986 production of Sweet Bird of Youth, rolled, approx 121/2″ x 20″ fine – very fine condition.


Lauren Bacall starred in Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird Of Youth –  The Presentation Coincided With The Sydney Festival – Based On Harold Pinters’ London Production. 

The show began on January 26th, 1986 an ran for a total of 26 performances. Australian actor Colin Friels was the supporting male actor, with supporting cast Michael Cloyd, Anne Louise Lambert, Elaine Lee, Frank Wilson.


The day Lauren Bacall let rip at Australian reporters

Australian reporters felt the wrath of Bacall when she sat down for a press conference in Brisbane in 1986 during her stage production tour of Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth.
Bacall was upset by a newspaper report the tour was not a financial success.
“What is the point of knocking all the time?” she asked the reporters.
“Don’t you have anything constructive to say?
“I don’t understand it.
“You try to knock Tennessee Williams.
“You try to knock the play, say that we’re not doing business here which is an out-and-out lie made up by whoever wrote that piece in whatever the paper is.
“It seems to me as a visitor the point of it is ‘Don’t come back to Australia’.
“That’s the message I’m getting.”
Asked if she would be glad to leave Australia she laughed: “If that attitude continues, I’ll say.”



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