DR ZHIVAGO Lobby Card 7 1972r Julie Christie Omar Sharif


Original 1972 release US lobby card 11" x 14", fine to very fine condition, faint Australian censor stamp added.


Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago 1965

Directed by David Lean

Starring Geraldine Chaplin ("as Tonya... Zhivago's gentle and adoring wife who endures his love for Lara, and pledges her love to him for all eternity."), Julie Christie ("as Lara... Zhivago's great love; She learns of life from Komarovsky, and, through Zhivago's love, becomes a woman of compassion."), Tom Courtenay (nominated for Best Supporting Actor Academy Award role; "as Pasha... The young, idealist student, who marries Lara, and later becomes the fanatic and embittered General Strelnikov."), Alec Guinness ("as Yevgraf... Zhivago's somber and mysterious half-brother; dedicated to the Party but never ceasing to care for Zhivago."), Siobhan McKenna ("as Anna... Tonya's mother, who brought young Zhivago into here family after the death of his mother, and raised him as a son."), Ralph Richardson ("as Alexander... Tonya's father, a cultivated, well-to-do professor, who loves the adopted Zhivago as his own son."), Omar Sharif (in the title role "as Zhivago... a man of peace drawn into the turmoil of war; a man of integrity and depth, torn by a love for two women."), Rod Steiger ("as Komarovsky... the shrewd opportunist lawyer who survives all regimes. Tiring of his mistress, he turns to her daughter, Lara."), Rita Tushingham ("as The Girl... born of the revolution and found years later: a shy girl, never to know if she is the child of Zhivago and Lara."), Klaus Kinski and Ingrid Pitt.

English romantic Soviet Russia epic "A Love Caught in the Fire of Revolution"

"Turbulent were the times and fiery was the love story of Zhivago, his wife... And the passionate tender Lara."

"From the most acclaimed novel of our time!"

"From the most acclaimed novel of our time come these brilliant character portrayals"

"The entertainment event of the year!"

"Screen Play by Robert Bolt"

Nominated for the Best Director and Best Picture Academy Award



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