CRESCENDO Original Daybill Movie Poster STEFANIE POWERS Autograph

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Original Australian Daybill Movie poster approximately 13" x 30" folded as issued, fine – very fine condition (see enlarged photo for condition). NOTE: This daybill was personally autographed by Stefanie Powers in Burbank California on 1 Feb 2020.


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Crescendo (1970)

Directed by Alan Gibson.

With Stefanie Powers, James Olson, Margaretta Scott, Jane Lapotaire

New York based graduate student Susan Roberts has just arrived in France to do research for her Masters thesis on the works of the late composer, Henry Ryman. She is staying indefinitely at the rural isolated estate of Ryman's widow, Danielle Ryman, on her invitation. There, Susan will have access to Henry's materials. Beyond Danielle, Carter the valet, and Lillianne the maid, the only other person living at the estate is Henry and Danielle's son, Georges Ryman. Georges is wheelchair-bound from an accident suffered six years ago, which ended what looked to be the start of a promising tennis career. Georges admits that he probably disappointed his parents by not being musically inclined like most people in their family. Susan learns that she has a strong resemblance to Georges' ex-girlfriend Catherine, who left him after the accident. Susan can see that Georges suffers both from physical and emotional pain, the latter more than just the emasculation he admits he feels from being in a wheelchair. Susan also learns that Georges has a dependency on both his mother and Lillianne, beyond just what he can't do from being in a wheelchair. But the longer that Susan stays at the estate, more secrets of the family are uncovered, those secrets which may threaten her life, and show that her coming to the estate was not by accident.



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