STAR WARS MOVIE POSTERS Australian Daybills Original Or Reissue

Three different original Australian Daybill Movie Posters were printed for the 1977 release of Star Wars. There has always been some speculation about the order in which these daybills were printed but the fact is that the is nothing definitive to prove the sequence. As a result collectors have relied on anecdotal evidence and logic to make a best guess about when each daybill was printed.


Logically, the daybill pictured to the left of the three was issued first and this is the most sought after of the three. The daybill carries the blue rating and displays the year in which the film was issued with artwork by Tom Jung. This daybill was also printed separately with no rating to allow for use in New Zealand. The daybills with no rating are usually found with a New Zealand “GY” censor stamp added.


It is generally thought that as a result of the huge popularity of the film, more daybills were printed with a pink rating and the title in a larger format, still retaining the Tom Jung artwork. The year of release was left off this daybill.


The third daybill features the Tom Chantrell art and was also issued for the original release but generally thought to have been printed slightly later than the other two. However, it is possible that it could have been printed at the same time as the pink rating daybill.


All three daybills are highly sought after by collectors of the genre and they have become hard to find over the years


Star Wars Movie Poster posters

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