Framing Original Movie Posters



Most competent framers should be aware of the correct methods of framing original movie posters but it is amazing how some seem to be intent on sticking everything they frame to a backing board. The framer thinks that he is doing the right thing and that it will look better glued down. Of course, this can ruin your valuable British quad or US one sheet and diminish the value. It often happens despite collectors insisting that it should not be glued to the board.

If the poster is not linen backed you just have to accept foldlines and slight imperfections that might show up when framed. It is also very important that the poster does not come into contact with the glass or perspex. If that happens, the inks in the poster can tend to “bleed” into the glass and leave an impression when removed and cause fading. I nearly always use an acid free matt board as a border that also acts as a barrier between the frame and the glass but there are also small wedges that good framers use to leave a small gap between the poster and the glass.


Obviously acid free materials should be used and a high quality non reflecting glass or perspex that will block out uv is the best option to protect your valuable posters. Perspex can be a worthwhile option because it weighs much less than glass but bear in mind that it does tend to scratch easily.


Sunlight is a killer for posters but if you use the right glass or perspex and keep the poster away from direct sunlight there should not be a problem.


Another thing worth considering is that it is good to be able to easily remove posters from their frames so that you can change them around when the mood takes you. You can get frames with clips or hinges at the back that make it fairly easy to change around posters.


There are probably a lot of other considerations but if you pick a good framer, hopefully they will do the right thing. The cost of framing can vary dramatically so do shop around for the best deal.


There are some other creative ways of displaying linen backed posters without framing them including the use of Magnets which make a very effective and economical display.
Bottom line with framing is that you get what you pay for. If the framing quote is too cheap you can almost guarantee that inferior materials will be used.

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